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  • Information Dashboards

    Information Dashboards can become a primary desktop tool

    on EVERY producer and consumer of information within your organization


    Information dashboards create a glue-effect in your organization

    bringing it under one cohesive and comprehensive communication platform

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    Sample Operations Dashboard to measure/track people performance against KPIs


    A successful Dashboard! what is that?

    One that is USEFUL, USABLE and USED in the organization


    Effective dashboards create awareness and transparency in the organization



    • Action oriented: Have the ability to direct action by contributors and stakeholders
    • Interactive Facilitate interactivity and engagement on important business questions 
    • Specific and universal: Present specific information that is universally understood
    • Create focus: Invite action and make it easy to focus on what is important along with tracking improvements
    • Visually connect business drivers with actionable insight
    • Discover: Measure performance and discover critical business trends

    ​ChromaData Advantage

      • Agile methodology Navigate requirements prioritization, development, testing, production, training, post production monitoring and increase in adoption and measure ROI
      • Fast turn around
      • Strong collaboration between business goals and delivery 
      • Data munging and data preparation using scalable reusable code
      • Comprehensive documentation to help wide scale user on-boarding and training on all the richness of features and navigation available
      • Apply data management and data governance principles and deliver Self Service BI capabilities
      • Promote a data driven culture within the organization

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    • Data Integration Services

      Today, focus has shifted to Big data that uses Secondary data

      However, business still depends on its Primary data


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      Your organization's health reflects in its Primary data.

      Business runs every day on its primary data, which remain immature and untapped, requiring significant improvements in the way primary data is managed.


      ChromaData advantage

      • Integrate business data and its meanings into one comprehensive referential platform 
      • Implement  metadata repository, business data explorer and data quality dashboard to manage primary data
      • Combine new tools, technologies, best practices and skills set to introduce cutting edge data management within the organization
      • Data Reference: Create a solid data reference for future IT projects to manage change with greater confidence
      • Reduce cost of errors: Reduce error-prone manual data translation layers 
      • Monitor data health: Gain real-time intelligence of data quality problems and their impact to business 
      • Business agility: Increase business competitiveness through business agility
      • Better decisions: Improved data available to information dashboards
      • Data culture: Promote a culture geared towards treating data as an asset
    • Advanced Analytics Services

      Effective analytics is central to every business strategy

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      do you have what it takes to uncover it?

      Powerful new business models can be derived from your ability to EXPLOIT DATA


      • Data-driven strategies are taking hold of today's organizations and have become an increasingly important point of competitive differentiation
      • Companies that inject advanced analytics programs into their operations show higher productivity rates and profitability
      • Every business problem generates data. A lot more you can do with that data than traditional business intelligence is equipped to support 
      • There is a need to use sophisticated quantitative methods (for example, statistics, descriptive and predictive data mining, simulation and optimization) to produce insights that are not possible with traditional BI query and reporting
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      Enable Advanced Analytics Program with ChromaData

      • Start with a proof-of-concept to demonstrate potential business value of advanced analytics applications

      • Monitor and assess your analytics applications on a regular basis to ensure the data being analyzed is still relevant and the analytical models being run against it are valid

      • Develop processes and training to ensure that business units are ready to act on analytical findings

      • Align short-term project objectives with long-term strategy

      • Leverage cloud for minimal interruption to existing IT operations

      • Augment your organization's existing BI program
      • Increase adoption and training
    • Text Data Services

      Text is valuable.

      It is directly communicated by the end customer or stakeholder

      Text data analytics for Operations

      Text data is directly communicated by the end customer or stakeholder. Its relevance and usefulness to business process is high because its found directly associated to business events at a granular level.

      Derive and aggregate useful information from text data to make possible actionable business insight that was never visible before


      The natural strength of text fields provide flexibility to users interacting with the system.


      On one hand, some of the rigidity of any business system gives rise to the popularity of the use of available text fields in the system.

      On the other hand, with the passage of time and changes in personnel, the well-defined system classifiers tend to lose their consistency and ability to support the business function.


      Measuring business performance based on known set of system classifiers becomes inaccurate.

      Understanding and quantifying cost becomes harder.

      Unfortunately, a lot of intelligence becomes hard to use as they start getting embedded and stored into text data.


      ChromaData text analytics service

      • Helps answer unanswered business questions that were buried in unstructured text
      • Helps spot variations, error and deviations at an early stage
      • Gives business a handy tool to identify new variables and anomalies 
      • Derives valuable business insight from text data. 
      • Starts with the end in mind, defines your success criteria, starts small and thinks big
      • Clearly defines success and finds the most direct path to success with text analytics investments
      • Anticipates how data sources and volume will grow and helps scale text analytics solution to a global scale
    • Big Data Services

      Single 360 degree data view solution

      Real-time 360 degree view of critical business entities is made possible as a standalone data service by ChromaData

      Understand Complex Relationships

      ChromaData services work to discover and visualize connections in your data like never possible before

      Big Data Analytics

      Partner with ChromaData to maintain a panoramic and granular view of you business environment

    • Cloud Enablement Services

      Certified consultants at ChromaData help you understand the best way to implement new cloud technologies

      • Determine a good starting point for the organization to leverage cloud capabilities and grow
      • Determine approach that makes sense for the organization to integrate existing business applications with cloud services
      • Create customized road-map for the organization to continue to get the most value out of these cloud technologies and solutions

      ChromaData is equipped with a portfolio of cloud services and strategic partnerships, our team helps accelerate cloud adoption across 3 core solution areas - hybrid cloud, application service platforms, and cloud automation

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      Work together seamlessly

      Hybrid Cloud

      • Public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers are combined and work together seamlessly as one platform
      • Hybrid Cloud matches the right solution to the right job
      • Hybrid Cloud minimizes cost, improves security, trade-offs and breaks down technical barriers to get maximum benefit 
      • Gain deeper insight into current IT operations and future capacity needs
      • Manage budgets across multiple cloud providers

      Deploy anywhere

      Application service platforms

      • Implement dockers and containers to package your applications and deploy anywhere
      • Simplify the management of a diverse technology ecosystem
      • Empower your developers through self-service and accelerate application delivery
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      Simplify, secure, automate

      Cloud Automation

      • Simplify, secure, and automate your cloud environment
      • Implement consistent policy governance across all your cloud environments
      • Provide a holistic view of your current application deployments and their environments
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