• Data Engineering

    Power Your Modern Data Platform – Expert Services from Design to Deployment

  • Transform Your Data with Data Engineering

    Data engineering is the foundation for data-driven success. Our experts build modern data
    stacks on a single platform, empowering you to collect, transform, and use data to its full
    potential. Unlock insights and fuel smarter decision-making with AI/ML capabilities.

    Why Chromadata?
    Starting 2015 to today, we seamlessly integrate cutting-edge Google technologies like BigQuery,
    Vertex AI, AlloyDB, and Tableau for a powerful data ecosystem. Modern businesses need data
    that's accessible, reliable, and actionable. We break down silos and empower your entire team
    to innovate with data.

    Clients choose Chromadata for:

    • Data-driven decision-making built on a single source of truth
    • Reliable AI/ML applications created by empowered business users
    • Streamlined data projects through intelligent automation
    • Uncompromising security and robust governance
    • Our Data Engineering Expertise

    Migrating on-premise data to the cloud is a crucial step for Fortune 500 companies seeking the agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based solutions. However, this journey can be fraught with complexity. Chromadata is your expert guide, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and secure transition that unlocks the full potential of your cloud investment.


  • Chart Your AI Success: Develop a Data-Driven Roadmap and a platform to support it.

    How Chromadata Delivers Value

    We expertly blend statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and cutting-edge ML engineering to craft, implement, and manage models that reveal actionable insights within your data. Our solutions are both automated and adaptable for long-term success.


    We transform your challenges into AI-powered opportunities. Here's how:


    • Strategic Consulting: We identify and prioritize the most impactful applications of data science within your business.
    • Data-Driven Discovery: Our analysis of historical data uncovers paterns and trends, empowering informed decision-making.
    • Rapid AI Prototyping: We deliver swir proofs of concept for innovative ML and AI solutions.
    • Harnessing Generative AI: We create next-generation solutions leveraging the power of Generative AI and Large Language Models.
    • Streamlined Development: We establish robust ML pipelines with continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD) for efficiency.
    • Tool Integration: We seamlessly connect ML tools such as model registries and feature stores for enhanced workflow.
    • Tailored MLOps Platform: We design and implement a bespoke MLOps platform to optimize your entire machine learning lifecycle.