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Many organizations start their Power BI journey with the accessible Pro licensing model. But as analytics needs grow and datasets get larger, the limitations of Pro licenses can become apparent. That's where Power BI Premium Capacity offers a robust solution.




Let's consider the example of Verve Automotive, a mid-sized enterprise with expanding data analytics needs. Their Power BI usage began organically, with individual departments creating dashboards with Pro licenses. However, as their analytics initiatives gained momentum, they hit roadblocks:


Slow refresh times: Large datasets were taking hours to refresh, making dashboards sluggish and hindering timely insights.

Capacity constraints: As the number of Power BI users grew, shared Pro capacity limited the frequency and size of data updates.

Cost uncertainty: The cost of scaling with individual Pro licenses was difficult to predict, impacting budgeting for future growth.


Verve automotive partnered with Chromadata, a software consulting company specializing in data analytics, to assess their needs and implement Power BI Premium Capacity. Here's what this solution offered:


Dedicated Resources: Premium capacity provides dedicated computational power, ensuring consistently fast performance even with large datasets and many users.

Increased Model Size Limits: Premium allows for significantly larger data models (up to 100GB), enabling the handling of complex data without compromises.

Frequent Data Refreshes: Users can schedule up to 48 refreshes per day, ensuring data is always up-to-date.

Predictable Cost Model: The fixed monthly cost of Premium capacity makes budgeting for data analytics far more straightforward.

Advanced Features: Premium unlocks features like paginated reports, AI functionalities, and enhanced data governance controls.

Impact on Verve

Real-Time Insights: The elimination of slow refresh times empowered teams with real-time data for swift decision-making.

Enterprise Scalability: Premium Capacity easily accommodates growth in the number of users and analytics complexity.

Optimized Investments: The predictable cost model helped Company X better allocate resources towards their analytics initiatives.

Data Democratization: Premium's larger capacity and faster performance enabled a self-service data culture across more departments.


Consider Power BI Premium Capacity if you're encountering these challenges:

  • Frequent bottlenecks with large datasets or complex models.
  • Inability to meet demands for real-time or near real-time dashboards.
  • Unpredictable costs and difficulty scaling with Pro licenses.
  • Need for advanced Power BI features and stricter governance.

Chromadata's Expertise

Chromadata can help you assess the ideal Power BI licensing model for your organization. Their team can guide you through the implementation process, ensuring you reap the full benefits of Premium Capacity.