Technologies: Tableau, Tableau Prep, Alteryx

· case study

Client: Global Music Entertainment Company

Industry: Entertainment

Project Scope: Analytics Enablement Program

Technologies: Tableau, Tableau Prep, Alteryx


The global music giant handled vast amounts of data related to artists, streaming, sales, and audience preferences. This data was scattered across multiple systems, making comprehensive analysis difficult.

Existing analytics processes were largely manual and time-consuming. This limited the company's agility in responding to market trends and audience insights.

Data visualization was inconsistent across departments. There was a need to streamline and standardize how data was presented to make insights easily understandable company-wide,



The music company partnered with Chromadata, a software consulting firm specializing in data analytics and visualization, to develop a robust analytics enablement program. This initiative focused on three core competencies:


Agile Project Management: Chromadata introduced agile methodologies to streamline analytics workflows. This involved breaking down projects into smaller, more manageable iterations (sprints), promoting collaboration, and increasing adaptability to changing requirements.


Analytics & Data Visualization with Tableau: Chromadata's experts trained the music company's staff on Tableau's powerful capabilities. This included developing interactive dashboards, visualizations, and advanced calculations that transformed raw data into actionable insights. The goal was to empower teams to quickly identify patterns, spot trends, and make data-driven decisions.


Data Preparation & Automation with Tableau Prep and Alteryx: Chromadata helped the client automate and optimize their data preparation processes. Consultants leveraged Tableau Prep's visual, drag-and-drop interface to build efficient data cleaning and transformation flows. Alteryx was integrated for more complex data blending and advanced analytics, significantly reducing manual data preparation time.


Enhanced Data-Driven Decision-Making: The analytics enablement program transformed the company's approach to data. Real-time, visually compelling dashboards provided executives and decision-makers with a holistic view of performance metrics, allowing for swift, informed decision-making.


Streamlined Analytics Workflows: Agile methodologies and automation tools drastically reduced the time spent on manual data manipulation and reporting. This freed up analysts' time for higher-value tasks and faster insight generation.


Improved Collaboration: The standardized data visualization approach improved collaboration across the company. Data was now presented in a clear and consistent way, enabling informed discussions and alignment across departments.


Increased ROI on Data Initiatives: By unlocking the full potential of its data, the company could better identify growth opportunities, optimize marketing campaigns, and enhance artist development strategies, leading to increased revenue and profitability.


"Chromadata's partnership has been instrumental in transforming our data culture. Their expertise in agile methodologies, data visualization, and automation has empowered us to make smarter, faster decisions. We're now truly harnessing the power of our data to drive innovation and success." – Emanuel Almeida, CFO, Global Music Entertainment Company