Case Study - CRM company's data pipeline development with Tableau Prep

· Data prep,Tableau

Client: Vyakta Relations

Industry: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Project Scope: Data Pipeline Optimization and Dashboard Development

Technologies: Tableau Prep, Tableau Desktop



The CRM company offered robust internal training programs, but lacked holistic visibility into how training content development translated into learning outcomes.

Critical data for analyzing the effectiveness of their training programs resided in disparate sources, and any insights required time-consuming, manual data compilation.

Inconsistencies in data gathering across different departments hindered accurate evaluation and comparison of training programs.



The CRM company engaged Chromadata, a software consulting company specializing in data analytics and visualization, to address these challenges. Chromadata's team focused on the following key areas:


Data Pipeline Development with Tableau Prep:


Chromadata consultants analyzed existing data sources and designed efficient Tableau Prep flows. These flows automated the process of extracting, cleaning, combining, and transforming data from various locations.

The streamlined data preparation processes reduced the reliance on manual data wrangling, ensuring consistency and saving the training team valuable time.


New Tableau Data Sources:

The optimized data pipelines in Tableau Prep fed into the creation of centralized Tableau data sources. These data sources became the foundation for comprehensive dashboard development.


Insightful Dashboard Creation:

Chromadata leveraged Tableau's powerful visualization capabilities to build interactive dashboards. These dashboards provided the CRM company with real-time insights into:

Training content creation projects: status, effort involved

Number of learners engaged with each training activity

Average completion times for training modules

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) scores associated with specific training



Holistic View of Training Programs: The new dashboards eliminated data silos, giving the company a comprehensive, real-time understanding of its training initiatives.

Cross-Team Comparisons: Key performance metrics could now be easily compared across different training teams, promoting benchmarking and the identification of best practices.

Data-Driven Decision Making: The CRM company could quickly drill down into granular data to understand the impact of specific training content, spot areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about resource allocation and training strategies.

Time Savings & Increased Efficiency: The automation achieved with Tableau Prep significantly reduced manual effort for the training team, allowing them to focus on strategic analysis and program enhancement rather than data manipulation.


"Chromadata helped us transform our approach to training analytics. Now we have a single source of truth for our training data. This visibility empowers us to make data-backed decisions that optimize our programs and maximize their impact." – Service Desk Executive, Vyakta Relations